Oracy Leader - Ms Pattenden



Our Vision for Oracy

At St Michael’s we believe that oracy is a fundamental skill that underpins academic success, supports social and emotional development, and prepares our pupils for the challenges of the future.  We want our children to be effective communicators who can express their ideas confidently and engage meaningfully in discussions and debates.

We are working with Voice 21 to support us to create a whole school culture of talk across the curriculum and strengthening classroom practice – ensuring all teachers are confident in using oracy as a core pedagogy and drawing upon evidence-based practical classroom activities.

Our school Oracy Champions are Ms Emma Pattenden and Mr Mark O’Malley.

What is Oracy?

Oracy Framework

In order to teach effective oracy skills across the curriculum, we will be using the oracy framework to understand the physical, linguistic, cognitive, and social and emotional skills that enable successful discussion, inspiring speech and effective communication. Key oracy skills are taught throughout the whole curriculum.



Talk Guidelines

All classes have key-stage appropriate talk guidelines. These are displayed in the classroom and consistently referred to whenever a pupil is engaging in any activity requiring speaking and listening skills.

Sentence Stems

Our pupils are encouraged to speak in full, coherent sentences when sharing their ideas and using spoken language. In all lessons, pupils have key sentence stems which they are encouraged to use to help them articulate their ideas.

Talk Tactics

Talk Tactics are used in all lessons to encourage pupils to think strategically about their contributions to group talk. Providing pupils with roles to play in discussions helps to manage talk and encourages the development of certain speaking and listening skills.


What can you do at home?

Talk to your children whenever you can!  Help your children to develop their vocabulary by suggesting better words they might have used in your conversations - in a friendly and constructive way!

Oracy activities to try out!