Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page

Mr O'Malley is the class teacher. 

Mrs Nelson is the Learning Support Assistant in the class.

Miss Sim teaches the class every Wednesday morning. 

Every Monday, this page will be updated with weekly home learning activities.



Please find below the timetable for Home Learning for week commencing Monday 11th May 2020. Attached to the timetable, you will find information based upon the activities set for the week. If you are unsure about any of the activities and need further guidance please watch the tutorials on the class dojo. These will be placed on dojo the day before the learning activity.  



White Rose Maths weblink:

We are using the Summer Term Week 6 (wc 1st June) resources. Follow the above link to find a tutorial. All worksheets and answer sheets are available below for download. 


Learning has been reassigned to those who have not completed set tasks. Tasks will not have a time frame to be completed.


We are starting a new block on Sir Linkalot - Orange Orwell (spellings: naughty - women)


To support parents in reading with their children, you will find a prompt sheet to help parents ask questions about a text their child is reading (DERIC).


We are starting a new writing focus (One Chance - a wishing tale) that is based on making a wish. Over the next 2 weeks we will be using our ideas about what we would wish for and the benefits it would bring but also the negative effects a wish would have. The home learning pack (Talk 4 Writing) will lead you through the activities. This will be supported by a tutorial I will place on class story each evening, where we talk through and model the activity. On the timetable you will find a summary of the activity for each day. Learning can be presented in a textbook, folder, word document or other format of your choice.

Year 5 Booklet

Attached is an activity booklet. Activities have been assigned on the weekly timetable for children to complete. These include a reading comprehension activity (Poetry), Science (build an egg parachute), Art (Aboriginal design) and PE (your favorite game or past time). An answer booklet has also been attached to check and correct answers. Attached below are APE (Answer, Prove, Explain) comprehension stem sentences to support the children in 'building' an answer to the questions.


When you download the timetable it will open as a word document. To access the teaching resources you will need to open the pdf. To open the pdf you will need to double click the document icon and it will open in a separate window. Websites can be access by holding Ctrl and return at the same time.

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