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KS1 Football

KS2 Football

Music Club

KS1 Gymnastics

KS2 Dodgeball

Dance Club


Each Half Term, a Google Doc Link will be attached to this page, in order to book your child onto the club.



Please read the following carefully before applying for clubs:

Due to circumstances beyond our control clubs may have to be cancelled from time to time and we appreciate your co-operation when this happens. We will send messages to parents via Class Dojo and text to inform parents of the cancellation. If you need to contact us, please contact the school as late as possible in the afternoon and you will be advised of the situation. If a club has to be cancelled and we are unable to contact you we will ensure your child is kept safely in school until you or a nominated person arrives to collect him or her. Can you please stress this to your child - they should not walk home independently unless you have given your WRITTEN permission. Please tell your child to wait inside the school building to be collected after the club has finished and emphasis that on no account are they to accept lifts unless this has been arranged by you, the parents.


Essex County Council safety regulations are also being enforced with regard to children and earrings in P.E. or games sessions. These state that NO earrings whatsoever may be worn for games and P.E., so children will have to remove their studs. Please would you send in a small named container to keep them in. The use of micro pore tape is no longer permitted. If ears are newly pierced, you will need to provide a box of padded plasters for the six week healing period. It is recommended that if your child has their ears pierced this is done at the beginning of the summer holiday.

Long hair should be tied back using only soft hair bands or grips (i.e. no hard plastic items)


If your child will not be attending an after-school club session, please send advance written notice (where possible) to the club leader, or leave a message with the school office staff.