Anti-Bullying League

At St Michael’s we take a proactive view on anti-bullying to ensure all pupils are free from bullying or harassment.  

The league consists of two pupils from every class from Year 3 to Year 6, who meet on a regular basis with Miss Sims, the Anti Bullying Leader. The group act as liaison officers between the working party and their peers. Members of the league wear purple uniform in order stand out in school and on the playground. In this way other children can seek their help when it is needed.
The children discuss ideas as a class and then bring their thoughts and feelings to the league meetings. As a direct result of this an action plan is created and then implemented during the school year.


Anti-Bullying League- Purple Star Buddy Bench


The bench is located near to the peace pathway and the green container, an anti-bullier will be near the bench at all times.

Rules of the bench 

No standing on or misuse of the bench

Not to be used during P.E times

Maximum of 4 children per side

To be used when-

You feel sad, lonely, miserable and have nobody to play with.

Not to be used when-

You are injured or feel poorly (you should tell an MDA and if necessary you will be sent inside)

You feel angry (you need to use a timeout card and sit on a bench)

  • What happens when you sit on the bench-
  • An anti-bullier will come over to you,
  • They will ask what the problem is,
  • They will try and help you solve your problem,
  • They may give you some space and quiet time, help you to find a friend or encourage you to play a game.

Learning Council

At St Michael’s the Learning Council is made up with nominated representatives from each year group from Year 2 to Year 6. Every pupil in the school has an opportunity to stand for elections and vote for who they wish to represent them on the council. The representatives act as liaison officers between the council and their peers. The children discuss ideas as a class prior to meetings and the reps take these ideas to the council where all collective ideas are discussed and decisions made about how to take these ideas forward. The outcomes are then fed back to the classes.

The Learning Council arrange lots of extra activities within the school and act as the pupil voice. Some of the many activities the council have done are-
  • Co-ordinated St Michael's Got Talent
  • Arranged fund raising days
  • Taken part in the creation of a quilt for our consortium
  • Taken part in cake bakes to raise money for the school
  • Fed back to the headteacher regarding menu choices
  • Given advice and suggestions about areas of the curriculum