Data Protection Regulations in our School

St Michael's Primary School & Nursery fully complies with information legislation. For the full details on how we use your personal information, please see the below policies or call 01206 546412 if you are unable to access the internet.


Data Protection Policy

Policies awaiting approval by our School Governors, Data Protection Policy, Statutory Requests for Information Policy, Publication Scheme.



Privacy Statement and Notices

 Privacy Notice - Processing of Governor Data v2.pdfDownload
 Privacy Notice - Processing of Online Payments.pdfDownload
 Privacy Notice - Processing of School Volunteer Data.pdfDownload
 Privacy Notice - Processing of Visitor Data.pdfDownload
 Privacy Notice - Processing Under Consent - Photo and Video.pdfDownload
 Privacy Notice - Publishing Pupil Coursework.pdfDownload
 Privacy Notice Curriculum and Pastoral Care V2.pdfDownload
 Privacy Notice Managing Security V2.pdfDownload
 Privacy Notice Marketing activities v2.pdfDownload
 Privacy Notice.pdfDownload
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GDPR Rights - Advice to Parents / Guardians

This document is aimed at promoting awareness among parents and guardians. The document gives a brief introduction to your rights, when they apply and how you can expect the School to manage requests.

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