Year 3 - Birch

Welcome to the Birch Class Page

Mr. Morris is the class teacher.
Mrs. Kyme is the Learning Support Assistant in the class.
This page will keep you well informed of what Birch class are learning each term as well as important pieces of information.

Welcome Letter:

Home learning:

Reading -

MyON can be used by the children to read a range of books and take accelerated reader tests from home. 


Spellings - 

Spellings can be found on the class dojo page to be practised throughout the week and tested on Fridays.


English - Day by day guide

Open the linked PDF file below 'The stone trolls home learning'


Day 1 - Read through the story on page 5 and the beginning of page 6. The children are then to go through one paragraph at a time creating their own story map to help them memorise the story. The children will be familiar with this as they have done it in class. The idea is that the pictures they draw represent words or sentences, helping them to internalise the vocabulary of the story. Children should repeat the story they have drawn so far each time they finish a new picture so that by the end they can read the whole story without needing the words at all. This is a process which may take more than one day so there is no pressure on finishing quickly. Take as much time as is needed.


Day 2 - Continue working on creating their own story maps, the aim is to finish today. If children are already finished, they should use this lesson practising their memorisation. By the end of the lesson the children should have a good understanding of what happens in each paragraph and including some of the key details.


Day 3 - Turn to page 7. Complete the 'What do the words mean?' activity. These are all words used in the story 'The stone trolls' that the children may not know the meaning of. If you own a dictionary please encourage the use of this, however, if not there are plenty of online dictionary resources that can be used. e.g. 


Day 4 - Turn to page 8 and the top line of page 9. Complete the activity 'What did you think about the story'. Children should give full answers and offer a clear explanation with the use of the word 'because'. Doing this will demonstrate the children's understanding of the story, this should come easily after day 1 and 2.


Day 5 - Turn to page 9. Children are the complete the 'reading quiz' activity and 'reading challenge' task. Next turn to page 10 and complete the 'odd one out game'. Most of the words are adjectives (describing words) while the word 'perched' is verb (doing word). This should be what the children explain in their first answer. Example answers can be found at the back of the booklet.


Day 6 - Turn to page 11 and 12. The children are to make a list of everything they can see in each picture. Aim for at least 8. Children are then to think of as many adjectives as they can to describe the things they named earlier e.g. rocks, sky, clouds, moss. Descriptions could be based on size, colour, mood, smell, feel, sound ext. Challenge 1 is available after this if the children want to complete more work.


Day 7 - Turn to page 14. Children to complete the 'preposition game'. The children should have a go at competing the provided sentence starters and then have a go at writing their own sentences which start with prepositions. Complete the challenge on page 15.


Day 8 - Children are to have a go at writing their own story in the same style as 'The stone trolls'. They should include adjectives and prepositions as they have practised in the previous days. Children should also include full stops, question marks and exclamation marks where appropriate.

 Stone Trolls Home learning.pdfDownload
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Maths - Day by day guide

Each day, click to view the link, it will explain how the children are expected to answer the maths questions they will be given. The matching worksheet will be found named after the matching day.

Day 1 -  


Day 2 - 


Day 3 - 


Day 4 - 


Day 5 - 


Day 6 - 


Day 7 - 


Day 8 - 


Mathletics and timetables rockstars activities could also be completed as a part of home maths learning.

 Day 1 - Mixed-addition-and-subtraction-problems.pdfDownload
 Day 2 - Add-and-subtract-2-digit-and-3-digit-numbers-not-crossing-10-or-100.pdfDownload
 Day 3 - Add-2-digit-and-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100.pdfDownload
 Day 4 - Subtract-2-digit-numbers-from-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100.pdfDownload
 Day 5 - Add-two-3-digit-numbers-not-crossing-10-or-100.pdfDownload
 Day 6 - Add-two-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100.pdfDownload
 Day 7 - Subtract-3-digit-numbers-from-3-digit-numbers-no-exchange.pdfDownload
 Day 8 - Subtract-a-3-digit-number-from-a-3-digit-number-exchange.pdfDownload
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Topic - 


Children are to create a poster on the different types of teeth and their jobs. Please use the links below to help you. 



1. Children are to practise their sketching skills, by sketching items in their home. Shading should be used to add texture and the impression of light cast on the object.

2. Children can sketch and annotate the different types of teeth in a human mouth. Labels should include the features of a tooth e.g. root, enamel, crown ext. 


Children are to research the Roman's and create either a presentation, fact file or poster on them. Children can include any content that they want. This will pre-teach the children ready for our new topic learning which will be based on the 'The Roman Empire'.



Children are to have a go at completing the activities set to them on Purple mash. These activities can be found under the '2Do' heading.

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