Year 5 - Maple

Welcome to the Maple Class Page

Miss Lewis is the class teacher.
Mrs Driver is the Learning Support Assistant in the class.
This page will keep you well informed of what Maple are learning each term, as well as important pieces of information.

Autumn Term

 In English, we have followed our Talk4Writing scheme and wrote an opening and build up of a suspense story and we also wrote a tale of fear. We had a lot of fun learning different writing techniques and how to use them appropriately. The children produced some fantastic pieces of work!

In Maths, we completed our place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication units. We learned collaboratively and even used outside resources to consolidate our learning, as well as resources within the classroom. The mathematical vocabulary that the children were using in learning discussions were very impressive.

In Topic, we explored the artist Fred Fowle and investigated electricity and circuits. We had lots of fun creating art pieces in the style of fairground artist Fred Fowle and even created our own carousels, using our knowledge of fairground art and electricity and circuits. The children were also able to investigate and explore circuits using citrus fruits instead of a battery!



Home Learning:

 Below you will be able to find home learning activities to access and complete at home if your child is at home with a positive COVID test result. These activities are to be completed at your own pace and I am available on Class Dojo if you would like to discuss the home learning.


It is important that children who are attending school do not complete these activities at home as this is what we will be learning in class.


Please find below a Talk4Writing booklet pdf. The children can complete the activities within the booklet at their own pace.

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 Please find below White Rose Math sheets for your child to complete. Only one should be completed each day.


Lesson 1 learning video - 

 Lesson 2 learning video - 

Lesson 3 learning video - 

 Lesson 4 learning video - 



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In topic we are learning about the Vikings. Research some Viking facts and home and create a poster about some of the interesting facts you find out about! It would be great to hear some of your facts when you return to school!

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The recommended book list for year 3 can be found on the link below: 

In the event that children are to remain at home for an extended period of time, these may be books that you will interested in purchasing/borrowing from the local library for them to read.

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