Year 2 - Foxes

Welcome to the Foxes Class Page

Mrs McLaughlin is the class teacher.
Mrs Robertson Learning Support Assistant in the class.

Mrs Nelson teaches the class on a Thursday afternoon.

This page will keep you well informed of what Foxes are learning each term as well as important pieces of information.




Home Learning (This page will be updated weekly):

As of Monday 23rd March 2020 many Foxes will be learning from home. This page is here to support you to complete structured learning from home. Lets work together to make the most of their time out of the classroom to ensure that their learning continues.

Below, new activities for the children to complete together with an adult will be linked, alongside a timetable for the week to show when specific learning is to take place. It is important that these activities are completed but please remember to be flexible. Don't be too hard on yourselves - Our class motto is " We try our best - when we fail - we learn ".  If you have any questions or need support, please feel free to send me a Dojo message. I will do my best to try and support you. 


18th May comprehension activities

 From a Railway Carriage Activity Card.pdfDownload
 How to Repair a Bicycle Puncture Activity Card.pdfDownload
 The London Underground Activity Card.pdfDownload
 The Naughty Bus Activity Card.pdfDownload
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 Common Exception Words Years 1 and 2.pdfDownload
 RWI Spellings.docxDownload
 Sound Chart.docxDownload
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 Hand Writing Lines.pdfDownload
 Help guide to Accelerated Reader PDF.pdfDownload
 Story Mountain Example.docxDownload
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Extra Activities:

Mathletics - Work through tasks set by the teacher on Mathletics using their logins.

Times Tables Rockstars - Play gigs and festivals using their logins (Follow the link, hover over login and click 'school pupils', then type in the school postcode 'CO2 9RA' and use the children's login details. --->

Creative Writing – Remind children of the traditional tales they know and make alternative versions. These could be orally retold, acted out or written down. It could be as simple as The Three Sheep and the Big Bad Fox or The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig.

Children's University Bumper Challenge - Open the link to find a range of projects to complete while at home. These are part of a University Challenge, but can be completed as enrichment activities by everyone. ---> Enrichment Activities

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 Foxes Welcome Letter 2019.docDownload
 Help guide to Accelerated Reader.pdfDownload
 KS1 SATS Books.pdfDownload
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