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Home Learning for Badgers and Foxes

The timings are there for those of you who want to follow the same timetable as us in school and the times in bold give you a suggestion of the tasks length if your day needs more flexibility. If you need to contact us please do so via ClassDojo: Mrs McLaughlin for Foxes & Miss Campbell for Badgers. 

Monday 1st March

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Tuesday 2nd March

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Wednesday 3rd March

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Thursday 4th March

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Friday 5th March

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The above Maths activities are optional today due to us joining a live drawing workshop with book illustrator Sharon Rentta.



The recommended book list for year 2 can be found on the link below:

In the event that children are to remain at home for an extended period of time, these may be books that you will interested in purchasing/borrowing from the local library for them to read.

Book suggestions linked to Read Write Inc Level

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For those in school, we will continue with the weekly spelling tests. Please note: Those in Foxes on RWI spellings, please continue on green spellings.

It would be great for those at home to continue practicing and we welcome you doing your own weekly spelling test on Friday too.  

We sent this half term's spelling list home with your child before the Christmas Holidays, but they are attached below if you need them.  If you are unsure which set of spellings your child should be learning, please contact your child's class teacher.

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 Common Exception Words Years 1 and 2.pdfDownload
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 Please select one of the letter formation families e.g. one armed robot and practice these on each sheet. Now try writing words from the weekly spellings focusing on the letters from that family.

 Curly Caterpillar Letter Formation (2).pdfDownload
 Ladder Letter Formation (1).pdfDownload
 One Armed Robot Letter Formation (1).pdfDownload
 Zigzag Monster Letter Formation (1).pdfDownload
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 Help guide to Accelerated Reader PDF.pdfDownload
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Dictation How to Guide

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Maths Resources

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Extra Activities:

Mathletics - Work through tasks set by the teacher on Mathletics using their logins.

Times Tables Rockstars - Play gigs and festivals using their logins (Follow the link, hover over login and click 'school pupils', then type in the school postcode 'CO2 9RA' and use the children's login details. --->

Creative Writing – Remind children of the traditional tales they know and make alternative versions. These could be orally retold, acted out or written down. It could be as simple as The Three Sheep and the Big Bad Fox or The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig.

Children's University Bumper Challenge - Open the link to find a range of projects to complete while at home. These are part of a University Challenge, but can be completed as enrichment activities by everyone. ---> Enrichment Activities

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