Year 1 - Squirrels

Welcome to the Squirrels Class Page

Miss Pratt is the class teacher. 
Miss Sadler is the Learning Support Assistant in the class. 
This page will keep you well informed of what Squirrels are learning each term as well as important pieces of information.

What have we been learning?

Autumn 1

We have had a busy half term in Squirrels class!


In English we have focused on the story The Enormous Turnip. We had lots of fun exploring turnips, even painting with them! We used puppets to help us learn the story and spent lots of time acting out the story with our friends. At the end of the half term we came up with our own ideas to write our own stories. We have focused on adjectives and time connectives in our story writing. 


In Maths we have spent the half term securing our knowledge of number. We have spent lots of time practicing our counting and ensuring we are able to identify one more or one less of a given number. We have enjoyed lots of practical learning which has helped deepen our understanding! We are now starting to look at addition, we will continue to use lots of practical methods in our learning. 


Our topic this term is stories from around the world and we have had lots of fun learning different stories from places such as Africa, Australia and France. We will continue this next half term, exploring more countries as we go along. We have learned about Vincent Van Gogh in Art and about our senses in Science. We had lots of fun exploring our senses, particularly the taste test!


Autumn 2


In English this half term we have been learning about the story How to Catch a Star. A star landed in our playground and it was our job to look after it! We built rockets, made moon dough and became astronauts as we explored the story. We then innovated the story and came up with our own versions. The children produced some fantastic stories! 


In Maths we spent the half term exploring addition, using the mastery approach to maths to really embed our understanding. We looked at part/whole models, fact families and number bonds using lots of practical resources to help us in our learning. We have been using STEM sentences in our learning to help us explain how we know the answers to our questions, this has really helped us deepen our understanding. The children have definitely become masters of addition!


We have continued to learn about stories from different countries in topic. We have learned about the different continents around the world and different stories from each continent. We even used the chrome books to create our very own e-books! 


Spring 1

Imagine our surprise when we came back after Christmas to learn that Mrs Burns had lost fruit ALL around the school! We decided we would help her and go on a fruit hunt. We found a juicy mango, a yellow banana, a creamy avocado and a round orange... just like in Handa's Surprise! The children have had a great time learning about Handa in English and have used the most wonderful adjectives in their writing. We have just finished writing our own versions of the story, where Handa lost cupcakes, sweets and even some toys on her way to visit Akeyo! 


In maths we have moved on to look at subtraction, following the same mastery approach that we used for addition. We have spent lots of time exploring practical ways to represent subtraction, using the power of 3 method where we have to answer it, prove it then show it. We have also continued to use STEM sentences, which we are becoming really good at!


Spring 2

 The last part of our spring term we learned all about a robot called Bernard who lost his bottom! The story was lots of fun and we wrote some fantastic stories in the innovation stage of our English lesson. We did lots of work on adjectives, verb endings and where to correctly use exclamation and question marks. 
Our topic this term has been Toys. We have looked at toys from different ages, noticing how they have changed over the years. We noticed that toys are made from much safer materials now and there is lots more choice now - we are very lucky! We did lots of practical work in D&T and designed and created our very own hand puppets.
We have continued to develop our maths mastery skills, moving on to looking at height, length, and capacity. We have continued to use STEM sentences in our work which has really helped develop our understanding. We measured our playground using a trundle wheel - it is 100m long! 



10 – 15 minutes reading each day.

Spelling Practice – Spellings are given out each week. Every Friday children have a spelling test. 

PE Days

Monday & Thursday


Red shorts or Jogging bottoms in cold weather, White T-Shirt with St Michael's badge, Plimsolls/Trainers .
All Uniform can be purchased from Brigade online  store.
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