Year 1 - Hedgehogs

Welcome to the Hedgehogs Class Page

Miss Brickwood is the class teacher. 
Miss Sadler  is the Learning Support Assistant in the class. 
Mrs Nelson teaches the class on a Friday afternoon.
This page will keep you well informed of what Squirrels are learning each term as well as important pieces of information.



10 – 15 minutes reading each day.

Spelling Practice – Spellings are given out each week. Every Friday children have a spelling test. 


Our current Talk for Writing topic is The Enormous Turnip. We have been busy exploring the story though different interactive activities, including our talk for writing actions and role play. Our grammar focus has been on using adjectives in our writing to give more detail about our characters and to make our writing more interesting. In addition, we have focused on different time connectives (such as first, then, next etc) in the story and how these tell us when an event is taking place. We have also used different conjunctions such as ‘and’ to link sentences together. We thoroughly enjoyed innovating the original story by thinking of our own characters and vegetable! We are currently busy writing our innovated story.


Our current topic in Maths is Place Value. We have been learning how to group objects in different ways. We have been strengthening our counting skills through singing and have learnt to count to and from 10 by starting at any given number. In addition, we have focused on saying what is one more and one less of a given number. We then looked at representing numbers in different ways (such as words, numerals and pictures). We are currently
using language such as ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equals to’ to compare numbers.


Our topic is ‘Stories From Around The World’. Every day we listen to and discuss various stories from different cultures. In History, we have been learning about the origins of the Humpty Dumpty and Twinkle Little Star nursery rhymes and how to recall facts that we have learnt. In Science, we are learning about the different types of animals (such as, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish). We enjoyed going on an animal hunt and identifying the animals we found. We are currently focusing on what different types of animals eat (such as carnivores, omnivores and herbivores).


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