Welcome to the Nursery Class Page

Mrs Allen is the class teacher.
Miss Davies and Mrs Gutteridge are the Learning Support Assistants in the class.
This page will keep you well informed of what Nursery are learning each term as well as important pieces of information.

School closure plans.

What a situation we find ourselves in! I'm going to try and help all my Woodpeckers and their families get through the next however many weeks.

Nursery education is a little bit special. We are less formal than any other year group and much of our learning is through play. This has presented me with a challenge- how do I help you all to continue with the things we do here at school in your homes?

I have a plan.

This weekend I will collect online resources that you might find useful and send them to you on Class Dojo. You can spend a while checking out various websites, Youtube ideas etc.

Starting on Sunday (in time for Monday) I will upload short videos on Dojo. I might have to do a series of them each day depending on how long each video can be. The idea is that you can watch them with your child. They will be starring me! It will allow you to start the day with the days of the week song, a story I will read and then suggestions of what your child can do (with you) as follow up activities. I hope to add videos for phonics too. A short video for each sound that will be interactive. The children will know what to do as it will replicate our class phonics sessions.

In addition to the daily videos I will give ideas for maths, creative, physical and literacy play. This won't require you to buy anything. As long as you have colouring pencils/crayons, scissors, glue, a bit of junk modelling bits, paper and some energy it should be free to access. 

I will make all communication on Dojo from now on. I will be available to answer questions, give advice/ideas, encourage you to keep going however hard it seems. I can always phone if you think this would be easier. Just send me a Dojo message and I'll do my best to help from a distance.

With all best wishes,

Mrs Allen.

PE Days

Morning - Friday

Plain tracksuit bottoms/leggings on the bottom half with uniform on the top half.
All Uniform can be purchased from Brigade online store.
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