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Welcome to the Robins Class Page.
Miss Pattenden is the class teacher.
Miss Mitchell, Mrs Hay and Mrs Mann are the Learning Support Assistant in the class.
This page will keep you well informed of what Reception are learning each term as well as important pieces of information.

What have we been learning?

Spring Term

The Places We’ll Go Topic

We began our Places We’ll Go topic by going on our own journey to the local shop.  The children chose what they wanted to buy and paid for it with their money.  We learnt the story The Train Ride.  We made a train and went on our own train ride around the school.  We drew story maps and acted the story out.  We learnt about old and new trains and talked our experiences about journeys on trains.  We have learnt the song ‘Yellow Submarine’ and performed it to our nursery.  We made a submarine using cardboard boxes and acted submarine adventures.

We learnt the story of the Naughty Bus through a story map with actions, acted out the story. We enjoyed the story so much we made our naughty bus adventures around the school using the ipads to take photos of him in different places. We wrote sentences about what he got up to.

Our next story was The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We made puppets and small world scene to retell the story. The final story we learnt was Tiddler. We made up excuses for why Tiddler was late for school. In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties. Addition and subtraction, sharing and halving and counting in 2s and 5s using different resources. In Wild wood we have been learning to use tools such as hammers and drills.

Big Garden Bird Watch

We have been looking for birds in the Wild Wood and marking down how many different birds we have seen.  The children made bird feeders to take home to feed the birds and have designed bird boxes to be made for them.

Chinese New Year

We learnt the story of how each year was named. We tasted Chinese food and talked about likes and dislikes. We used Chinese symbols to write the animals and numbers to 10. We learnt how to say Happy New Year in Mandarin

Internet Safety Day

We listened to the story of Penguin pig and the importance of checking information is true and always telling our parents what we are doing on the internet. We designed our own posters to inform others on how to stay safe on the internet.

Valentines’ Day

We talked about who we love and how to show our feelings appropriately to others. We made cards and wrote kindness messages to people around the school.

Fairy Tale Week

We listened to lots of fairy tales and talked about our favourite ones. We visited Danbury Country Park and went on a fairy tale scavenger hunt, we learnt how to create our own stick man, build bridges to allow the goats to cross. We made our own cauldron and came up with different spells to put inside.

Shrove Tuesday

We made our own pancakes and had pancake races. We learnt about why Christians celebrate Shrove Tuesday and Lent.

World Book Day and Core Values Afternoon.

We came to school dressed as our favourite book characters and shared our favourite characters with the children in our house groups.

Holi Festival

We learnt about the Hindu Festival and we were really keen to create our own colour festival through colourful chalk drawings and dancing.

Vaisakhi Festival

We learnt about the Sikh New Year. We celebrated by talking about when we have been brave and singing our favourite songs.

Mothering Sunday

We learnt about Mothering Sunday and different people celebrate it. We talked about ways we could say thank you to our mums and not just buying them gifts. We made cards to send home.


We learnt about the Christian Festival. We learnt about the story of Easter and why Christians celebrate it. We learnt about the meaning behind the Easter bunny and Easter eggs and made Easter cards.

en made bird feeders to take home to feed the birds and have designed bird boxes to be made for them.


Autumn Term

Getting to Know You

We have had a very busy term settling into St Michael’s learning about our school Core Values and the St Michael’s Code.  We learnt about some of the things that make each child unique  and talked about some of the similarities and differences of our friends and families.  We learnt about the story The Three Little Pigs and acted out the story on our stage outside. We also went on number and shape hunts around the school.

Life Bus

We visited the life bus and met Harold the giraffe. We helped him to pack an over night bag and made sure he had everything he needed. We labelled different parts of the body.


Essex Wildlife Trust

Lucy came and taught us about different leaves and trees. We identified the types of trees in our wild wood using their leaves. We created a tree using natural materials and made our own mud faces using clay and natural materials.


Outdoor Classroom Day – 1st November 2018

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning .  The rain did not deter us from learning outside all day. We completed our daily golden mile whilst jumping in the puddles. We learnt stories in the outdoor classroom, we looked for 2D shapes in the outdoor environment, we learnt and played circle games.


Party Day

We celebrated party day by having a year group party. We talked about when we have parties, we made a list of things we would need, we wrote invitations to another class, created our own decorations and had lots of fun.


We explored the stories of Winnie the Witch, we made wands, broomsticks and potions. We explored pumpkins and did a scientific experiment using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda inside the pumpkins.

Bonfire Night

We learnt about bonfire night and fireworks.  We used different media to recreate fireworks both indoors and outside.


We learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali.  We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and acted out the story using puppets.  The children made missing posters to help look for Sita using their sounds to write the words to describe what she looked like.  We made Rangoli patterns outside our classrooms using chalk.


We talked about why we wear poppies and made remembrance poppies to hang in the wild wood.

Core Values

We explored one of the school’s Core Value – Include.    In our House groups we read Can I Join Your Club? which encouraged to us to talk about what makes us special and we worked together to make a school shield.


We have learnt about the traditions and stories of Christmas.  The children worked with Woodpecker’s class to perform the Nativity story in front of their parents and the whole school.  We enjoyed a visit to Colchester Zoo where they helped the elves work out if penguins would be a good replacement for Father Christmas’ reindeer and then met Father Christmas himself!


10 – 15 minutes each day  on reading.  We change reading books every Monday and Friday and library books every Monday.

PE Days

Wednesday Morning - PE

For PE we wear red shorts or jogging bottoms in cold weather, white t-shirt with St Michael's badge, plimsolls/trainers .


Wild Wood 

Every Thursday we visit our wildlife area in school.  The children wear coats and wellies when we visit the area.

All Uniform can be purchased from Brigade online store.


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