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Open the booklet 'The Truth about Mountain Ogres'. Follow the instructions and work through the booklet. 

 The Truth about Mountain Ogres English Work Booklet.pdfDownload
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For Maths, Please log onto Mathletics using the link below:



You shall see assigned activities for you to complete. If you become stuck then use the ? button for help. 


If you are unsure of your log in details then please Dojo. 

Topic: Science: 

Follow this link 


The Science topic you will be focusing on is Sound. Complete Lesson 1, 2 and 3. Watch the Videos and listen to the instructions. 

Enjoy! :) 

Extension Pack

This pack is optional. You are welcome to complete some of these fun learning activities in your own time. 

(Please do not upload this to Class Dojo as this is an optional set of activities) 

Enjoy :) 

 English - Speech.pdfDownload
 History - label a Roman Soldier.pdfDownload
 History - Roman Army.pptDownload
 Origami Crane Activity.pdfDownload
 short comphrension - Caesar's Calendar Conundrum.pdfDownload
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Welcome to Elm's Class Page. 

Miss Burdett is your class teacher and Mrs Bowes is your LSA. 

Your challenge this year is to read as many Year 4 books as possible from the recommended Year 4 Reading book list. 

The recommended book list can be found on the link below:


How many books can read? 

 Mar 21 Return to School Elm.pdfDownload
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