Gail Burns


Designated Safeguarding Lead


Joint Assessment Leader



Melanie Campbell

Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Joint Maths Leader

KS1 T4W Leader

Joint Assessment Leader


Fiona Allen

Nursery - Woodpeckers Teacher

Emma Pattenden

Reception - Robins Teacher

Early Years Leader

Learning Environment Leader

Phonics Leader

Healthy School Leader

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Hanna Simpkin

Reception - Owls Teacher

Science Leader

Justine Pratt

Year 1 - Squirrels Teacher

PE Leader

Melanie Campbell

Year 2 - Badgers Teacher

Emma McLaughlin

Year 2 - Foxes Teacher

History Leader

Sophie Brickwood

Year 3 Teacher

Anti - Bullying Leader 






Ryan Morris

Year 4 Teacher


Natalie Earle

Year 5 Teacher

Maths Leader

NQT Mentor

Rebecca Burdett

Year 6 Teacher

KS2 T4W Leader

Joint Pedagogy and Curriculum Leader 

 Fiona Mitchell, Hollie Davies, Charmaine Hay, Rachael Mann and Sara Jayne Sims

Early Years Learning Support Assistants

Catherine Robertson, Tracey Aiken, Hollie Davies, Jean Wightman and Claire Sadler

KS1 Learning Support Assistants

Gemma Bowes,Joanne Nelson, Elaine Gutteridge, Kasey Townson, Alex Sim, Sucheta Handa

KS2 Learning Support Assistants

Sara-Jayne Sims

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Pedagogy and Curriculum Assistant Leader

Jean Wightman, Jayne Anderson, Tracey Aiken and Joanne Nelson

Life Skills and Learning Mentors

Julie Howlett

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Inclusion Leader

SAFS Leader

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Sophie Massey



Neil Corfield

School Business Manager

Tara Hull, Julia Jenkinson, Karen Harman

Office Staff

Suzanne Fowler

Attendance Officer

Pastoral Support

Conrad Palmer


Richard Mountain

Site Manager

Maxine Rodwell, Katherine Brightwell, Louise Stringer


Joanne Nelson, Sarah Britton, Charmaine Hay, Catherine Simons, Suzanne Chaddock, Laura Hopkins, Kasey Townson, Claire Sadler, Hollie Davies, Sucheta Handa. Elaine Gutteridge

Mid-Day Assistants

Daniel, Claire and Joanna