Sports Premium

All primary schools receive  Sports Premium to enable PE and sports to be developed. Like the Pupil Premium, information about how this funding is spent must be publicised to the school community and it must be spent on coaching, teaching or training.

Each school receives £8000, plus £5 per pupil on roll in January. At St Michael's Primary, we pride ourselves on being a happy and healthy place to learn. We’ve developed an action plan to ensure this funding is invested (rather than ‘spent’) to maximise the long term impact of our PE provision for pupils and staff.

We have invested our funds in various ways, closely monitoring the impact of these initiatives through assessment of children’s skills, staff and pupil feedback, uptake of clubs etc.  A summary can be found below. The Sports Pupil Premium Action Plan for 2017 to 2018 is currently being reviewed. 

Our funding has supported us to  :

  • Up-skill teachers in the delivery of high quality P.E lessons,
  • Provide additional  swimming lessons in KS2 to ensure all children are able to swim at least 25m by the time they leave school,
  • Train Play Leaders and purchase equipment, 
  • Purchase larger items of P.E equipment, such as Wall bars,
  • Deliver specialist Yoga lessons for early years and KS1 classes.