Our Curriculum

At the age of rising 5 pupils will attend our early years class. Our school fully supports the principle that young children learn best through play, and by engaging in well planned and structured activities. Teaching in the early years class builds on the experiences of the children in their pre-school learning. Early Years curriculum is based on the Foundation Stage Framework that was made statutory in September 2012. This means that children are taught 7 Early Learning Goals with a stronger emphasis on the three prime areas which are most essential for healthy child development. Much of this learning is taught through structured and free play.


The National Curriculum

The National curriculum applies to pupils of compulsory school age. It is organised on the basis of Key Stages.
Our school curriculum is underpinned by the values that we hold dear to our school. The curriculum is the means by which the school achieves it objective of educating children with the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need in order to lead fulfilling lives.

Key Stage One

In Key Stage One your child will continue to build on the excellent foundations laid in Early Years. Our teachers are committed to providing a happy, healthy and calm atmosphere in which all children are encouraged to develop and reach their full potential.

Key Stage Two

In Key Stage Two we aim to build upon the high standards already achieved. The children will grow in all areas-personal, social and academic. Preparing them to have fulfilling lives as outstanding citizens.


Homework is a shared responsibility between staff, pupils and parents/carer.  Please click on this link to read our Homework Policy. 

PHSE, Sex & Drug Education

At St Michael's we use the Edison Life Skills Programme to deliver the PHSE curriculum. A copy of the half termly whole school topics can be found here.

 We use a Sex Education programme called Tom and Yasmin. Growing up with Tom and Yasmine is an online resource to help us easily deliver high-quality sex and relationships education (SRE) as part of our Life Skills curriculum. The Department for Education recognises the need for SRE at all key stages and encourages schools to develop their own lesson content with support from expert sources. Growing Up with Tom and Yasmin was developed with this in mind. It includes 50 flexible, age-appropriate lesson plans and fun, interactive whiteboard activities designed to meet curriculum requirements for children aged 5–11.  More information, along with example lessons plans can be found at https://www.fpa.org.uk/unique-interactive-education-resource-primary-schools/free-samples-growing-yasmine-and-tom

We use a Drugs Education programme called Jed and Ted.Using the characters of Jed, Ted and Amy and their different families, the programme explores substance use in the context of the children’s age and experiences. Each year it provides between 3-5 lessons that build knowledge, skills, attitudes and positive health aspirations, as they grow with the characters. It includes everything you need to implement a full and effective drug education programme from household substances and medicines to alcohol and illegal drugs. Exploring why people use drugs and how to stay safe in a drug-using world.

We teach e-safety through using Switched onto Computing (Rising Stars) and Purple Mash in all years groups. along with assemblies and regular visits from The 2 Johns Consultants. 



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