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All schools in England have a Governing Body which is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. A key role is to act as a ‘critical friend’: to support, to challenge, to ask questions, ultimately to represent the school community.

The Governing Body works in close partnership with the headteacher, staff and the local authority. Whilst the headteacher is, of course, responsible for the day to day running of the school, the governors are involved with such things as staffing, curriculum, school buildings and finance. It ensures the school functions well and maintains the proper range of academic and social objectives.

The standard term of office for a governor is four years. The chair and vice-chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year.

The chair of governors is Mrs Linda Robinson, who can be contacted via the school office or directly via email at

Much of the work of the governing body is done by committees. At St Michael's Primary, we have the following committees:

·                                 Finance and Premises

·                                 Standards(Curriculum related matters)

·                                 Personnel

 Full training is available to everyone who becomes a governor. 

Minutes of governor meetings are available from the school office on request.

 Governance Statement 

Governance Structure 

The governing body of St Michael’s was re- constituted in September 2014. Our board is made up of the following;

2 Staff Governors (Inc head teacher)

1 Local Authority Governor

2 Parent Governors

4 Co- Opted Governors- These are appointed because in the opinion of the board they have a range of skills to share with the school and will contribute to the effective governance and accountability of St Michael’s.


All the governors meet once a term as a Full Governing Body to discuss and question the head teacher on the educational performance of the school and to ensure that the strategic direction agreed and planned is being maintained. The governors also sit on sub- committees which meet regularly to focus on key elements of the school’s business and academic structure. These are made up of a Finance/Premises and Personnel committee which challenge and hold to account the schools allocated budget and to ensure value for money in all areas of spending. There is also a Pay Committee, Performance Management Committee and a Standards Committee (Curriculum Related Data & Monitoring).


Attendance Record of Governors

Governors at St Michael’s are fully committed to their roles and responsibilities and have an excellent attendance record at meetings and fulfil their statutory duties. Meetings are recorded by the professional services of a clerk and any non attendance by governors is noted in the minutes. We have not had to cancel any scheduled meetings due to absences, therefore remaining “quorate” and legally able to proceed.

The Work that we do as a Governing Body

The focus for the governing body in 2015/2016 is to ensure that the strategic direction of the school is remains on track, through close monitoring of progress and attainment, against the school improvement plan. This supports the recent Ofsted Inspections grading of “Good” and will now work towards the target of achieving “Outstanding” for future inspections.

The monitoring of the school’s progress and achievement is measured against the targets set by the school in September 2016 and is regularly reviewed and challenged by governors at meetings and when planning a governors monitoring day. This is to ensure that the governors are fully aware of the schools progress and that it is on track to achieve the targets set. Governors will have to account to Ofsted on any future inspections if this information has not been reviewed and challenged. Governors regularly review the data on Pupil Premium allocation across the school and ask to see evidence of how this has been used to enhance the children’s learning experience.

The Finance/Premises and Personnel Committee meet regularly to review the school’s budget allocation and consider its financial accountability to governors. This is to ensure that value for money and good financial practices are being maintained and when challenged constructive and well thought through expenditure is being applied.

The Standards Committee (Curriculum based matters) meets once a term to review all aspects of the curriculum and the use of resources in line with the school improvement plan and targets set for progress and achievement. To support the school’s strategic plan governors spend a full day each half term monitoring and observing specific key areas of the school day. A report is made on the findings and included in the minutes of Termly full governing body meetings. Governors find monitoring days a very effective way of challenging and holding to account many aspects of the schools strategic plan and targets. 

The Head Teacher and Chair of Governors meet every fortnight for updates and to review any matters that arise outside the regular meetings. This supports communication between the school and the governors and is recorded and reported to the board for their consideration.

Future Plans

The governing body is looking forward to supporting the plans in place for the remainder of the year. Some of which are listed below;

  • The development of the school library into a Communication and Learning Hub.
  • Enhancing our provision as our school moves to two forms of entry (EYFS).
  • Attending and supporting the School “Values” Activities Termly.
  • Listening and engaging with the children’s families at “Parents Forum” meetings, Governors monitoring events and open evenings.
  • Maintaining and building stronger links with other governing bodies at our partner schools within the Colchester Consortium of schools.

The Governors welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents and the community of St Michael’s. Please contact the Chair of Governors Mrs Robinson via the school office to forward any suggestions. You can obtain more information about our governing board through the school website.



 Members of St Michael's Governing Body 

 Linda Robinson

 Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor

I have been on the board of governors within the primary sector for the last six years and Chair of Governors at two schools, one of which is within a Primary Multi Academy Trust. I was appointed a National Leader of Governance (NLG) in February 2016 to coach, mentor and support governing boards throughout Essex to achieve effective and collaborative governance.

I bring to governance the skills, knowledge and experience that I have gained in business, including coaching, mentoring and working in partnerships that effective leadership requires. I also currently work within other educational settings to enhance communication, social and employability skills for those seeking employment and those returning to work after a career break. This and my experience within governance demonstrate that I remain fully committed to supporting school governance at all levels.

 Term of office expires-

 Lynn Taylor

Vice Chair of Governors

Authority Governor

I have lived in the local area for many years and have been a governor at St. Michael’s since December 2010.   I was appointed Vice-Chair in September 2014 and I also serve on the Finance and Premises Committee.My background is primarily in Finance, with the majority of my working life spent as a Finance Officer in a local school.
In the last few years I have had the opportunity to develop my long-term interest in public health, and I now work both as a volunteer and employee within the NHS, promoting healthy lifestyles.I am committed to supporting pupils, parents and staff and am proud to be part of the fantastic team at St. Michael’s. 

 Term of office expires-

 Martin Nelson

Co-opted Governor

Since leaving school I have pursued a career in Environmental Health and currently have responsibility for the enforcement of food and safety legislation within the Colchester borough.  My responsibilities have included the management of budgets and personnel and I am actively engaged in site inspections and the delivery of training courses.  I feel these skills have equipped me to act in the role of school governor which I commenced at the beginning of 2014.  I am enjoying working with the committed team at St Michael's

 Term of office expires-
Brian Moore
Co - opted Governor

 I had a career with the Pye/Philips group of companies, culminating as an Executive Board Member for Philips PTI as Group Product Marketing Manager.

I then spent five years at BT as Marketing and Business Systems Director.

In 1990 I created my own Research and Consultancy company, stepping down as Chairman in late 2011.

I have  held memberships of:

Chartered Management Institute

Chartered Institute of Marketing

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

I am a Past Master of the City of London, Guild of Public Relations Practitioners.  A member of a Colchester Bowling Club and have an interest in classic cars.

As a school governor I believe that excellent primary education is vitally important to stimulate interest in learning,  provide motivation to look at the wider world, and should form the solid basis for setting and achieving goals in later life.

 Term of office expires-

 Marc Mabbott

I have been on the board of governors within the primary sector for the last eight years at two schools, and three years for a secondary school.

I have also held the post of Director and Chairman of the trustees of a pre-school for three years.

I joined school governorship back in 2008 as an elected Parent Governor, who had an interest in children’s education and believed then that my experience in my working life could benefit the school.

I have served on many committees and believe that these roles have enabled me to appreciate the valuable and rewarding contribution Governors make to a school and it is a privilege to be part of St. Michael's Primary School.   

 Term of office expires-

 Major William Balchin RAMC RODP
Parent Governor


I have only recently been elected onto the board of governors at St Michael's School.  I am a serving Late Entry British Army Officer and although I developing my experience in the role of School Governor, I have a plethora of experience in the development of policy, education and management. 

I am an Operating Department Practitioner by trade and I manage all Peri-Operative assets within the British Army, this includes manpower, equipment, education and training.  I am currently employed as Officer Commanding, Operating Theatres at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham working alongside my civilian counterparts. 

Louise Evans 
Parent Governor
I have been on the board of governors at St Michael’s primary as a parent governor since May 2016.I have an interest in children’s education and well - being and believe that my experience from my working life can benefit the school.

As a Senior Paediatric Nurse I have a wealth of experience in looking after the needs of children physically, socially and psychologically. I have extensive knowledge of safeguarding children which can translate in to the education setting.

I am enjoying being part of the governing team at St Michael’s Primary School. 
 Jade Clark
Parent Governor
 I have only recently been elected onto the broad of governors within St Michael's School. I have gained many close relationships with local authority and policing within the local area. This has included experiences with the local council members, businesses etc when working in my current role and also the local Radio/ local Newspapers.

In my current role as a property manager I carry out many aspects of property management including health and safety. I deal with a wide range of issues such as project planning, maintenance, finance, anti-social behaviour and many more, this is within Colchester. I’m currently an Associate in the Institute of Residential Property Management.

With my personal background and knowledge I hope to bring this experience and build a good relationship with the board, parents and teachers in order to do the very best for this School, working together to achieve our goals.
 Gail Burns
Head teacher
I am proud to be the Head teacher of St Michael's where committed staff and volunteers work tirelessly together to ensure that children are at the heart of all we do. As a Governing Body we strive to provide the best possible education and social/emotional outcomes for all our pupils.  


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