Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page

Mrs Earle is the class teacher. 

This page will keep you well informed of what Year 5 are learning each term as well as important pieces of information.

What have we been learning?

Maths – Autumn

In our maths learning we have been focusing on expanding upon the children's place value knowledge.  We have been learning about Roman numerals, rounding to the nearest 100, 1000, 10,000, using negative numbers, partitioning and comparing and ordering numbers.  We completed cold and hot tasks at the start and end of the unit to aid assessment.  Towards the end of the half term we moved onto mental methods for addition and subtraction.  We used a variety of strategies such as partitioning, counting on and compensation.

In the second part of the term we looked at statistics focusing on line graphs and tables.  We then moved onto multiplication and division and looked into the use of multiples, factors, prime numbers and squared numbers.

Maths – Spring

When we returned in the spring term we started off looking at perimeter of rectilinear shapes and how to find the missing sides.  Then we moved onto finding the area of shapes and comparing area and perimeter.  Towards the end of the half term we began to look at using formal methods for multiplication and division, including the area model and the written method.

In the second half of the term we began to look at fractions, we have practiced how to add and subtract, how to find the equivalent and worked on converting between improper and mixed number fractions.  We enjoyed sharing some of our fraction learning with parents at our LOLA. 

English - Autumn

Our English learning this half term has been based around writing an opening and build up for a suspense story. We started by exploring the story in a variety of different ways including learning the model text with a variety of actions and following a story map.  After learning the text we did lots of activities where we read the story as a reader and then as a writer.  We innovated our own opening and build up using features of a suspense text we had identified such as using empty words, ellipsis and ending on a cliff hanger.  

Our next talk for writing unit was to write a whole suspense story.  This built on our previous unit and we were able to use lots of the ideas from our toolkit to help us with this task.   

English – Spring

At the start of the spring term we began our first non-fiction talk for writing unit – a discussion text.  The children learnt the model text “Do Elves exist?” and then went on to write their own discussion texts with similar headings such as “Do trolls exist?” and “Do unicorns exist?”.  For their hot task the children tried to vary their choice of discussion text slightly and they explored topics such as “Should dragons be kept in cages?” and “Does every house need a house elf?”  At the end of the term the children invited in their parents to help read their discussion text boxed up plan and to prepare them for the hot task.

After half term we began our unit on writing an action scene.  The children used a video clip to write their ideas for their cold task.  We read a book of myths with a hero called Beowulf, who became the main character in lots of our innovated action scenes.  After lots or practice using repeated ed sentences, powerful verbs, adverbial phrases and propositions we created some excellent action scenes.  We ended the term writing our hot task using the video "The Girl and the Fox" as our stimulus. 

Topic - Autumn

Our topic this half term is Fairgrounds, we had an exciting trip to Chessington World of Adventure where the children explored the rides and thought about the forces used on the different types of rides.  We also looked at the signs and advertisements in preparation for designing our own.  At the end of the day we attended a forces workshop where the children explored friction.  In school we have been looking in more detail at forces within science.  We have learnt about a famous fairground inventor and explored the change in fairground rides through time. 

In the second half term we spend time exploring how to create a fairground ride using electrical components to make it spin.  The children used their DT skills to help with the designing.  We also looked at the work of LS Lowry and recreated his fairground scene using water colours.

Topic – Spring

Our topic this term is castles.  We started the term looking at the lives of the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.  The children explored what made them invade Britain, how they lived alongside each other and also learnt about the kings that ruled in those times.  The created maps to show the settlements of the Vikings and to support our English work the children wrote arguments for and against King Alfred the Great and King Athelstan.  Finally the class created poems about Danegeld and ended the half term writing their own information text about the Anglo-Saxons.  During this term Year 5 also attended weekly swimming lessons.

After half term Year 5 continued their swimming lessons and made huge improvements in their confidence.  We explored making 3D models in computing and moved onto our unit on Judaism in RE.  In science we started to look at the properties of materials and how we could separate them using different methods.  We did some sketching of Colchester Castle in preparation for building a giant 3D model with Year 4 at the start of next term.



30 minutes per day
Minimum 15 minutes Daily Reading at home
Weekly Maths Homework
Spelling Practice – spellings are given out every week. A weekly spelling test will take place every Friday. 

PE Days

Wednesday & Friday Morning (swimming)

Red shorts or Jogging bottoms in cold weather, White T-Shirt with St Michael's badge, Plimsolls/Trainers .
All Uniform can be purchased from Brigade online store.
Book Changing Days
Monday and Thursday
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