Year 3

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Miss Brickwood is the class teacher.
This page will keep you well informed of what Year 3 are learning each term as well as important pieces of information.

What have we been learning?


Spring 1


In English, we have completed our unit on ‘Adventure at Sandy Cove’. We enjoyed creating our own adventure story and then used this to write our own news reports. We concentrated on the layout and structure of a news report and compared how this is different to the structure of a narrative. We are currently focusing on ‘Grandpa’s Teeth’, a lost and found narrative. During this unit, we will be building on our prior knowledge of inverted commas and learning to use main, subordinate and relative clauses in our writing. We are particularly focused on improving our handwriting by joining our letters and our spelling by learning to use a dictionary independently.


In Maths, we have been using songs to learn our three, four and eight times tables. We have applied our  multiplication and division facts to different problem solving and reasoning situations.  We have also been introduced to the long and short written methods of multiplication.We are looking forward to starting our next unit soon on money.


Our current topic is called ‘Bright Sparks’. We have been learning about what life was like before electricity and identifying different products that need electricity to function. We are currently learning about famous inventors such as Thomas Edison, who helped to create the first electric light bulb and the impact this has had on current ways of living. We are strengthening our scientific skills by carrying out many experiments that use electrical circuits. 

Spring 2


During this half term we have finished our Talk for Writing topic on Grandpa’s Teeth: a lost and found story but have used this text to then focus on a persuasive advert that advertises dentures to the public. Our hook lesson involved trying on unique hats and making adverts to try and sell them! Throughout this topic we have learnt about alliteration, rhetorical questions, conjunctions, prepositions and emotive vocabulary. In Comprehension, we have been concentrating on the content and structure of different poems.


During Maths, we have learnt about money, including adding and subtracting amounts of money in practical contexts. We have also learnt how to draw graphs, tables and pictograms and then interpreted these to answer questions such as ‘How many?’, ‘Who has the most?’. Next, we learnt about length and perimeter, including how to convert, order, add and subtract different units of measurement. We are currently learning about Fractions, including unit and non-unit fractions, decimals and how to find fractions of objects and numbers.


We have continued to investigate different inventors such as Thomas Edison and have examined the human and physical features of where he was born (North America). We then compared this to the United Kingdom. Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed creating The Three Little Pigs houses out of old shoe boxes and then implementing an electrical system to set up a light bulb and burglar alarm system.

Minimum 15 minutes Daily Reading at home
Weekly Maths Homework: Mathletics is assigned every Friday to be completed by the following Friday.
Spelling Practice – A weekly spelling test will take place every Friday. Children will record their spellings and marks in their home spelling book.

PE Days

Monday &Tuesday

Red shorts or Jogging bottoms in cold weather, White T-Shirt with St Michael's badge, Plimsolls/Trainers .

All Uniform can be purchased from Brigade online store.

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