Year 2 - Foxes

Welcome to the Foxes Class Page

Mrs McLaughlin is the class teacher.
Mrs Wightman, Mrs Aikens and Miss Davies are the Learning Support Assistant in the class.

This page will keep you well informed of what Foxes are learning each term as well as important pieces of information.


What have we been learning?

In English, our class text has been the fictional tale of fear, The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson. Through Talk for Writing, we learned the text and focused on the structure of story. Our main aim was to write tales where an animal had an irrational fear and learnt to overcome it by meeting new friends. We innovated our class text to a penguin who was afraid of the sea. For our independent writing we wrote about dragons who were afraid of heights or even unicorns who were afraid of rainbows!


In Maths, we have been building upon our knowledge of the four operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division) with a focus on multiplication and division. It’s allowed as to consider what makes an effective strategy: Should we use resources (concrete)? Should we use pictures (pictorial)? Or should we use our mathematical knowledge to explain what we know (abstract)?


This term's topic is “Fire! Fire! Fire!” which will help us explore one of the tumultuous events in the history of our country’s capital city -  the Great Fire of London. We'll use the events of 1666 to help us understand change over time in History and in Science explore the use of everyday materials.


What have we been learning?

In English, our class text has been a non - Chronological report. This was our first non-fiction text. Through Talk for Writing, we learned the text and focused on changing pronouns to make our writing flow, subheadings to structure our text and how a question can engage the reader. Our main aim was to write a non – chronological report about a mythical creature such as a dragon, unicorn or mermaid.


In Maths, we have been applying our understanding of place value to the operations of addition and subtraction. We’ve also been supporting our explanations with STEM sentences. This helped us to deepen our knowledge so that we could explain our strategies to others. After this we’ll progress onto the areas of shape and fractions.


This term's topic is the “Gruffalo’s Tea Party” which is helping us explore science: Animals, including humans and living things and their habitats. For our Spring Lola we intend to use our knowledge to through a tea party suitable for a Gruffalo! We’ll keep you updated.


What have we been learning?

In Foxes we have been learning how to write an adventure story about a Meerkat called Sunny. He just doesn’t fit in at home, so he packs his suitcase and sets off jiggety jog jiggety jog. Until he realises that home is the right place for him.

In Maths we have been exploring our understanding of number and learning how to use STEM sentences to prove our answers. This skill will really help us over the course of Year2.

In our Topic learning we have been learning about the history of transport focusing on what is similar and different to now. We started by exploring Viking Longboats from the 9Th century. We even used our bodies to measure their length. It took nearly all the class to make the length of the famous Gokstad Ship!


10 – 15 minutes each day

Daily reading, or at least 3 times a week.

Spelling Practice – spellings are given out every 4 weeks. A weekly spelling test will take place every Friday. 

Online 'Mathletics' activities are assigned to all children on a weekly basis.



PE Days:

Wednesdays and Thursdays.  

We also take part in the daily 'Golden Mile' every afternoon.

Children may, however, be required to do physical activities which require changing into their PE kits at other times of the week too, so ideally we would ask for them to bring their PE kit in on Monday and take it home on Friday if it requires washing.

PE Kit essentials: Red shorts or Jogging bottoms in cold weather, white T-Shirt with St Michael's badge, plimsolls/trainers.
All uniform can be purchased from the Brigade online store.
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